Private Genealogy Tours

Your roots define who you are and how you live and knowing your roots can affect your feeling of identity in a positive way. 

I offer tailor-made tours in Denmark for you that have Danish ancestors. My clients come from America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Britain.

On my genealogy tours you will see the specific places in Denmark, where your ancestors lived. I assist finding the exact places.

A typical itinerary

See a typical itinerary for a tour of 7 days
This example is based on a family having ancestors in Lolland and North Jutland. Your tour can be for fewer or more days and go to the areas of Denmark that you prefer to visit. All my tours are tailor-made, and I arrange the journey for you and your group in co-operation with you.

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What is a genealogy tour?

It's about identity and roots, about feelings and belonging
A genealogy tour is for you that have Danish ancestors and would like to see the areas and specific places where your relatives came from and lived. We will visit the church, where perhaps your Great-grandfather was christened, the smallholding where he grew up, maybe the school he attended, the cemetery where his parents were buried, the farm where he he worked and met your Great-grandmother and the church where they were married.

A genealogy tour is about getting to know your ancestors' background better and about the history and cultural settings of your family. It's about identity and roots, about feelings and belonging.