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The legend of Hamlet; Part One

Was Shakespeare's Hamlet a real person? And if so, was he a Danish Prince?

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Hear Anders Lundt Hansen, MA History, tell the fascinating story about legendary Hamlet. This is part one of three. 

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The American Rune Stone

Is the rune stone found in 1898 in Kensington, Minnesota, a genuine Viking rune stone? Or is it a forgery? A debate about this has been going on for years. Historian Anders Lundt Hansen writes about the arguments for and against. He concludes that identity was and is of great importance. 

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Seven sites on the World Heritage List

Denmark has seven sites on the World Heritage List, and the Arctic island of Greenland, which is part of the Kingdom of Denmark, has one site on the List.

The World Heritage List is maintained by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

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Denmark's most beautiful market town

In 2013, 15 cities from across the country were competing to win the award as Denmark's most beautiful market town. Bygningskultur Danmark (Building Culture Denmark) promoted the competition, which aimed to highlight the qualities of the historical towns. During May 2013, all Danes could vote for their favorite among the 15 candidatesn.

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