The Unique Concept

My expertise is genealogy, history, tour planning and guiding
I specialize in individual and tailor-made tours just for you and your group. I customize your trip in co-operation with you.

On my genealogy tours you will see the specific places in Denmark, where your ancestors lived. I will help to find the exact places.

What's Included?

This is what I offer
A customized guided tour by car, van or bus to the areas where your ancestors came from. Accomodation at 3* and 4* hotels. Lunches and dinners during our trip together at local restaurants and inns with typical Danish and/or international food. If relevant, an inside visit to a museum or if you wish to see specific attractions. Also included is transfer from airport to hotel in Copenhagen, and my professional guide service during the tour. Included is also my work to locate the exact houses, farms, schools, churches, etc., which have relevance for you and your group.

Airfare is NOT included. Tips are NOT included.

Search for your ancestors

Sources of information on the Internet
Danish censuses, church records and emigration records are available in digital form on, and Other relevant sources are and

If you need help, I can assist you in finding information about your Danish ancestry. Payment by the hour. 

My research

Visiting archives
I have worked as a historian in several archives and am used to their systems as well as websites with ditized sources. 

I recommend that we do not visit local archives during the trip because they often have a limited opening time and it usually takes too long.

However, to find the exact places of your ancestors, I use the archives to find pictures and written sources. 


Individual prices for individual customers
As the trips are tailored to just you and your group, it is not possible to give an exact price here. The total price of the trip depends on the number of people and number of days in Denmark.

Typically, a tour of 3 days (2 nights) costs DKK 17,500 (approx. USD 2,800) for two people and a five day tour for five people will be approx. DKK 38,500 (USD 6,100) in total. 

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