Who am I?

Danish Heritage Tours is a Danish based tour operator arranging and performing genealogy tours in Denmark. The company was founded by Henriette Kragh Brink, MA in History & Auth. Tourist Guide, who is also owner and managing director.

As a historian I, Henriette, is familiar with using the archives of Denmark and I have extensive knowledge of genealogy. I have worked free lance as an archivist, writer and tourist guide for many years and have specialized in genealogy tours.

I aim to give you and your group a journey back to your roots that you will remember with joy. I always join you / your group myself as a guide on the tour. 

Hotels and inns

We usually stay at 3* and 4* hotels and inns and I often book rooms at http://www.smalldanishhotels.com

Cars, vans and busses

As most of my groups are quite small, I most often drive in a hired car or van. I have a commercial driving license for up to 8 passengers. In case of a larger group, I hire a 4* or 5* tourist or mini bus with driver.